Welcome to Lakshya Tech India Pvt Ltd.

Lakshya Tech India Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of Cutting Tools and Industrial Lubricants based in Bangalore and operating across Karnataka & Hosur. Our line of products includes Indexable Carbide ( TAEGUTEC India Pvt. Ltd. ) , Hole Making Specialists ( ALLIED MACHINE & ENGINEERING CORPORATION, USA ) , Industrial & Machine Tool Lubricants ( MOBIL INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS ) , Gear Cutting Tools ( JAINEX AAMCOL Ltd. ) , Indexable Specials ( SIGMA ENGINEERS ) Solid Carbide Specials ( SESHA TOOLS Pvt Ltd.) and our own range of High Quality Gear cutting solutions for the Axle Industry which are sold and serviced across India

Strategic tieup with above mentioned Tool manufacturers makes us capable to cater to every need of customers requirement for Metal Cutting and Lubrication
Added to the above the products above are backed by an excellent team of technocrats. We currently have a dedicated team fully equipped to understand & give solutions to customers tooling & lubrication needs with technical expertise on the products mentioned above.

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